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How to Remove W3 total Cache Plugin

W3 Total Cache Plugin is one of the best plugin which is used to improve the server performance, optimizing the web site and there by increasing the loading speed of the site. At times due to various updates of themes or plugins, there…

Top Tips On When Should I Monetize My Blog

The most relevant question in a blogger's life span is to ask from one self that When Should I Monetize My Blog ? No blogger can afford blogging endlessly without thinking for an avenue to monetize his blog. In the same prerogative, the…

Secret.ɢ You are invited

While visiting your Google Analytics Dashboard, Are you getting the following message. " You are invited! Enter only with this ticket URL. Copy it. Vote for Trump!" I'm asking this question because for the past few days, I…

Upload Photo in Instagram using PC

While playing with Instagram from my smart phone, suddenly I thought to upload few photos in Instagram using PC. I booted my PC and logged in to Instagram. O' Hell to my astonishment, there were no ways to upload my photo in Instagram using…

How to Migrate from Blogger to WordPress

After blogging for months together and some times even a year or two, the decision to migrate from Blogger to WordPress, is indeed a tough decision. There are several Pros and Cons both in favour and against of both these platforms. But in…



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