Protect Your Computer from Computer Hackers

How to Protect Your Computer from Computer Hackers

Hacking has slowly gained its fame both in the positive and negative directions. There are terms used for a good hacker and a bad hacker. The good ones are familiarity known as White Coat Hacker whereas the bad hacker is better termed as Black Coat Hacker. This appears quite funny to talk about hacker as a good one or bad one. But please don’t get surprised with it. Computer Hackers are needed to be saluted for their wisdom, genius and expertise. They belong to the class of the most skilled programmers who knows to exploit or use to their advantage, the vulnerabilities of any computer system. Of late people have started recognizing their skill and they are finding their placements on the top rolls of any organisation to protect the network of the computer system from any pilferage or attack from any external source.

Computer Hackers
There is a growing trends among the newbies to experiment on the various system of the network or the internet to gain their expertise. In the process sometimes they find some mischievous route and they get tempted to opt for unlawful activities. There are plenty of people from the Computer Hackers Community who belong to this class and they are needed to be persuaded with or tackled with the required tools.

There are some basics which every one should adopt to free their computing system from any external hacking practices. They are enlisted in the following paras.

DO’s & DONOT’s to Protect Your Computer from Computer Hackers:

  • Deploy proper firewall on your system.
  • Use good antivirus, spyware, malware protection applications.
  • Beware of Cookies and allow them on your system only when you are aware of their usability on your system.
  • Deploy proper authentication process and use good passwords by using combination of Uppercase, Lower Case, Numerical and special characters.
  • Beware of the E-mail bombs which can be used as a personal attack on your personal computer. You may received thousand and thousands of mail directed to your email address, choking completely your mail box.
  • Beware of the mail attachments. If you are not receiving an attachment from your known addressee it is advisable better not to open it.
  • Keep your operating system always updated with required updates and patches. Mostly they are used for plugging the security holes in your operating system.
  • Avoid going to Adult or gambling sites. Use of your credit or debit cards should be strictly forbidden on such sites. Develop Safe surfing habits.
  • Always keep your knowledge up to date in field of cyber security and always adopt security measures on your system.
  • Always refrain from any downloads from obscure or malicious sites. Cracked software are one of the easy route for hackers to dig into your system.
  • Beware of Adware in your downloads of various applications. Always uncheck the unnecessary installations in such programmes.
  • Always keep a backup of your important data. Your System Restore should also have the periodic updated restore points to restore the system in case of any crash or abnormalities.
  • periodically don’t forget to Delete cookie files, history files, and temporary internet files.
  • Always Password protect your computer and disable the guest account if not in use. Don’t forget to turn off the Remote Control of your PC after its use.
The above Do’s and Don’t will Protect Your Computer from Computer Hackers to a large extent.
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