Monetization with Adfly.Com

How to monetize with Adfly.Com?

AdFly.Com is an URL shortener web site. If you have got some really big URLs, you will certainly realize that it is never convenient to put such URL’s as a link on the internet. Firstly it consumes lot of space, it is littering in nature and secondly it does not carry any meaningful representation of the link. Therefore to deal with the problems of bigger URLs, we take help of URL shorteners. is a such URL shortener site and besides shortening the big URLs, it also provides opportunity to earn some extra money doing this job.

So if you are interested to earn some extra money while shortening any bigger URLs, just Click Here register yourself, learn a bit about AdFly and thats all, you are done. If you want to explore more about the other URL shorteners, then please click on Explore Here

Some people call AdFly.Com site as SPAM. Looking at the behavior of the site, I also got little wary. I tried to do some research on the website and went to check first its Alexa ranking. To my surprise, its Alexa Global rank was 164 and rankings in Indonesia- 35, Brazil- 91, USA- 808, Mexico- 56 and India- 344. Its Google Page Ranking is 4/10, Domain Authority- 88/100, Page Authority- 90/100 and PR Quality- Very Strong. I have never seen a spammy site with such high rankings. 
There are definitely some Cons of AdFly.Com. The site is annoyance to some visitors and many of them have reported against the site. As a result this site has been blocked in some countries including in India also. Therefore it is always advisable to use your own discretion before opting to register for this site to earn any little extra money.
For the propitiation of my readers here are the answers by the AdFly.Com himself for some of the questions which may be lurking in your mind.

How does it work?

Shortened URLs are a great way to link to other websites, they look something like and they are a ‘shortcut’ for a real website address. When somebody visits a shortened link through, they will see a full page advert on their screen for 5 seconds. Then afterwards a SKIP button will appear in the top right-hand corner of the browser and when the user clicks this button, they are automatically redirected to the real destination website. The best part about using the service is that you get paid for each visitor that views an advert AND the user still gets to the real destination.

To create your own links, just login to with the details above and enter any destination website in the large white box – then hit the Shrink! button. Your shortened URL will now be displayed for you to copy-n-paste anywhere you like. You could replace links on your blog with links to generate more money or use them on Twitter where space is tight. There are many possibilities to earn money with links, just by placing them where you would usually put your normal links.

How much will I earn?

We share the money generated through advertising with you 50/50. The actual amount you will receive per visitor varies depending on the location of the person and what advertisers are currently on the system. You can view the current publisher payout rates here. There is a minimum payout of $5.00 and we pay via PayPal or Payoneer once per month. If you do not reach $5.00 in any month, your balance is carried over to the next pay period. This is a great way of earning to shorten url and earn money.

Can I earn commission for referring my friends/website visitors?

You will earn 20% commission of your referral’s earnings for life. This is a great way to boost your earnings – especially as is relatively new and not many people have heard about it – so get in quick and build up your referrals !!!

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