How to Stop Copy Cats from Copying

How Copy & Paste is Disabled in Blogger 

Blogging society is not devoid of Copy Cats. Often One person does all the works, creates a good article and propagates through his blog. Very next day, when he looks at the internet, what he finds is, his very same article has been published by so many people under their own names. Google and other internet agencies are working hard to prevent occurrence of such theft. By the help of Plagiarism Checker, now one can find out very easily that whether the contents published on the internet is a Copy Cat substance or some thing original published by the publisher. The game of Cat and Rat is going on the cyber world since many years, we can not do much to stop such nuances. However there are few precautions, which if taken by the publishers, they can certainly prevent at least to some extent, occurrence of such acts of mala fide copying of contents.

Copy Paste

How does one copy or steal articles from the internet published by some other publisher? What one does is he simply uses his text selection option and copy the whole content and paste it on his desired work sheet. So what if the very process of Text Selection is disabled? Do you know how Copy & Paste is Disabled in Blogs ? 
Certainly by undertaking the simple step of disabling the Text Selection, one can stop copying of the contents from some bodies article, at least to some extent. In the following paragraphs, I am going to deliberate upon this very topic of How to Stop Copy Cat from Copy Paste or in another word How to Disable Copy Paste in Blogger Except Blockquotes. Why Blockquotes are left and allowed to be copy pasted. Obviously the publisher wants it to be so. When some one publishes some article, there may be some contents or codes which are needed to be copied for its execution by the user. Therefore the publisher enable copy paste option for those contents.

Copy Paste Option can be disabled by two ways. One by using the JavaScript and second by using the HTML codes. Here I will be putting down both ways for the user convenience.

Disabling Copy Paste by Using JavaScript on Blogger

  • Go to Blogger Dashboard > Layout
  • Click on Add a Gadget
  • Select HTML/JavaScript
  • Paste the following codes
  • Save it

<script src=’demo-to-prevent-copy-paste-on-blogger_files/googleapis.js’></script><script type=’text/javascript’> if(typeof document.onselectstart!=”undefined” ) {document.onselectstart=new Function (“return false” ); } else{document.onmousedown=new Function (“return false” );document.onmouseup=new Function (“return false”); } </script>

Disabling Copy Paste by Using CSS Codes on Blogger

  • Go to Blogger Dashboard > Template > Customize > Advanced > Add CSS
  • Copy paste the following codes at right side pane under ‘Add custom CSS’
  • Save it.

.post blockquote{-moz-user-select: text;-webkit-user-select: text;-ms-user-select: text;user-select: text;}
.post code {-webkit-user-select:text;-moz-user-select:text;-ms-user-select:text;user-select:text;}
body {-webkit-user-select: none; -moz-user-select: -moz-none; -ms-user-select: none; user-select: none;}

Note: The above CSS code disables Copy Paste option in Blogger except the Blockquotes. If you want to disable option for Blockquotes also, please use the following CSS code only.

body {-webkit-user-select: none; -moz-user-select: -moz-none; -ms-user-select: none; user-select: none;}

Hope this article will be able to STOP Copy Cats at least to some extent the prevalent mischief of copying or stealing the contents on the internet.

Thanks. Enjoy blogging 🙂 

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