How to become a Google Student Ambassador ?

For a Bright Career Launch Become a Google Ambassador

Google Ambassador is a suo moto representative of Google to represent their technology and products among the student community at the college levels which is said to be the churning ground for producing future entrepreneurs, scientists, technologists or managers.

Google Student Ambassador

Google Student Ambassador Program in India generally starts during the month of May/June/July of a year. One of the main pre-requisite for enrolling into the said program is that your institutes should be at the roll of Google, whose students are authorized for the GSA program. List of Institutes authorized by Google Ambassador Program can be assessed from here.

Who Can Apply for the Google Ambassador Program?

Any full time student at the undergraduate/ postgraduate level pursuing a course in any discipline  like Arts, Commerce, Science, Law or Management etc. in a college/ university can apply.

The Google Student Ambassador of the impaneled institutes will focus and facilitate the following activities at the college/ University levels:-

  • Disseminate Information about the Innovative Google products and programs.
  • Organize Events at the Campus levels.
  • Act as a liaison link between the Google and College/ University aspirants.
  • Assist Google in understanding the evolving culture of the college/ university.

Selection Procedure:

The student aspiring to become the Google Ambassador will apply by filling up the form on the Google GSA Link  for their respective country. As the eligibility criteria for selection of GSA is always subject to change, an aspiring student is well advised to visit the Google from their Education link for an updated information on the subject.

  • The student desiring for the GSA program is needed to be referred by the referrer selected by Google for the job. Google asks referrer to identify 5 students from their institute every year and forward their particulars to the Google.
  • Only referred students can fill up the GSA application form otherwise their candidature will not be considered.
  • Google shortlists the GSA aspirants, undertake their interview and finally the Google Student Ambassador for the institute is selected. The selected student is given training by Google to educate them about the program and prepare them to act as liaison between Google and the student community.

Google Ambassador Program is a life time opportunity for any student. Therefore every student should try out.

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