BidVertiser Review with Google Adsense

Should You Join and Sign Up for the BidVertiser?

I have been running Google Adsense since last four months and had recently installed BidVertiser to enhance my earning scope. It is one of the popular pay per click advertising. Unfortunately, this proved a futile exercise for me. In this background I have prompted to write a review on the subject for the benefits of my friends.
BidVertiser is one of the very useful context based Ad system implemented by many bloggers. This is used by both category of bloggers or site owners. One are those, who have ADsense already installed on their sites and the others, whose Adsense approval has been rejected or who are in the aspiring list for the Adsense. It is an universally understood phenomenon that every one needs money atleast to sustain their sites running, even though they may not be trying to make a living on such blogging. So people are desperate to earn those extra bucks by monetizing their blogs.
BidVertiser Ads is certainly a popular monetizing option. It NOT a Scam as doubted by some and many bloggers are able to make reasonable amount of money implementing this Ad system on their sites. Thousands of Publishers as well as Advertisers have joined BidVertiser for their respective needs which is met by associating themselves with one or more of the widely available Ad formats. BidVertiser pays through Paypal or Wire Transfers with minimum payout limit of $10.00. It provides very simple joining process and almost every one, who opts, can sign up for this Ad system which is not the case with Adsense. You can find BidVertiser joining links Here. 
Now in the background of all the above discussions, the pertinent question which may linger in your mind may be as posed at the title page.

Should You Join and Sign Up for the BidVertiser?

Let me put forward my experience with this particular form of publishing. My experience with BidVertiser has not been very pleasant one. On signing up with the BidVertiser and when Ads started flowing on my site, often I noticed some Malware like suspicious activities on my site. Many times some undesired pop-ups poped up which initiated us to move to some new pages which were sometimes related to Advertisement activities and some times these were just a simple direction without any purpose beyond my understanding. I found out that some times BidVertiser were throwing Ads of Dating Sites which were not in good taste.
Whatever and however things were moving but one day on opening the mail box, my all liking for BidVertiser just vanished, when I found a mail from Google alerting me that “Malicious Contents” have been found by them on one of my site in violation of Google’s advertising policies. They had advised me to immediately fix the issues to avoid suspension of account.
Fearful I, immediately uninstalled the BidVertiser and submitted my  site for google review. After two days I got a mail again from Google’s congratulating me that the problems of my site has been fixed and Advertising Policy issue has been fully resolved. It was then that I felt a sign of relief.
So friends, in light of the above, you can now yourself find out an answer to the above question. From my purview, if you are running Adsense and have been approved by Google’s for it then it is never prudent to risk your precious possession. Every body knows that getting an Adsense approval is a really tough job and therefore we should never risk to forgo it for the allurements of just few bucks. So you are the best judge for yourself in such situations. Yes if you don’t have Adsense then BidVertiser is certainly a good option and you can go for it. So friends, decide judicially 🙂
Thanks and All the BEST.

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