Windows Defender in Windows 10 Can Not Turn On

Can Not Turn On Windows Defender in Window 10 : Displays Message “This App has been Turned Off and isn’t Monitoring Your Computer”

Windows Defender is an integral part of Windows 10, therefore conveniently we call it Windows Defender Windows 10. Many times, while operating the computer, it happens that Windows Defender, does not get turned ON of its own. Usually it happens when some one installs any third party antivirus or security applications on their computer. But some times it may happen  otherwise also. When you go to manually turn ON the Windows Defender, it may display the message “This app has been turned off and isn’t monitoring your computer”. So What to do in such scenarios.
Windows Defender Windows 10
I faced such problems recently and found a solution after trying out at various resources in two days. Therefore here I am going to share my experience.

Try to turn ON Windows Defender Service

In all probabilities the above mentioned service for Windows Defender Windows 10 must have stopped on your computer, therefore try to turn it on and see that problem is resolved. For this perform the following steps.
Press Window Key + R
Type services.msc and Enter.
Find out ‘Windows Defender Service’ in the services window and click on Start.
If above service is started smoothly try to start the ‘Windows Defender Network Inspection Service’ also. and check that Windows Defender is turned ON on your system.
If the above service can not be started than try out to perform a clean boot on the system and check that the problem is resolved.

How to perform a Clean Boot on your Computer?

Press Window Key + R
Type msconfig and Enter.
Click on Services tab and check ‘Hide all Microsoft Services’ box.
Click OK and opt for ‘Don’t Restart’ when prompted with this option.
Now go to Startup tab
Disable all the suspected services particularly those related to security and antivirus applications.
Restart the system.
Now Check whether Windows Defender has been turned ON on your computer, if still it has not been turned on, then perform to Restart the ‘Windows Defender Service’ as deliberated above.
You can try to force restart window defender by typing in command prompt the following command. Alternatively press Win+R to open run window and type:-

sc start WinDefend enable

When you are checking Windows Defender, It is possible that in spite of performing all the above mentioned task, your system may still respond by the message  “This app has been turned off and isn’t monitoring your computer.” This is possible because the third party software for security services e.g. Antivirus or Anti spywares, which you have loaded onto your system, has changed or corrupted some parts of the Windows Operating System.

If everything fails, you can try to uninstall the third party Antivirus or Antispywares from your computer to start the Window Defender.

You can attempt to check the system by going to ‘Security and Maintenance’ option of control panel and use the Recovery option to restore the software corruption.

With these steps, Hope Windows Defender Windows 10 will be turned On your system.
All the Best 🙂

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