How to Resolve Serve Scaled Images Issue from Your Site

While undertaking site speed test by use of tools like GTmetrix or Google Page Speed Insight, you are likely to be shown errors such as ‘Serve Scaled Images‘.

Let us first understand what exactly is Serve Scaled Images issues ?

Well, in simple literal sense ‘Serve Scaled Images‘ refer to images which are scaled down by use of HTML or CSS codes in your site to fit into the provided webpage.

If you examine or analyse a given url description, you will find that there are mentions of two sizes. The first one is the bigger size from which the image has been scaled down and the second is the smaller size which denotes the actual size of the image after scaling.


You can deal with ‘Serve Scaled Images‘ issues in following two ways.

(i) Use of Plugins: In WordPress two famous plugins WP Smush and EWWW Image Optimizer  are extensively used for optimizing the images of web pages. You can use either of them as per your choice and usability comforts. If you ask my opinion, I will go for ‘WP Smush’.

(ii) Some times above plugins also can not optimize all the images and you may find few URLs which present ‘Serve Scaled Images‘ errors while speed checks. In such situations, manual methods are best recommended to resolve the problems. You can use following methods to deal with the issues.

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  • Note down the above discussed two sizes. One the actual size which is bigger and the other one is the scaled down size of the image, which is a bit smaller.
  • Load the image from the above URL into Paint application of your computer and resize it to the smaller scaled down size.
  • Save the image and reload it by going to Appearance > Customize option from WordPress Dashboard.
  • You will surprisingly find that the issue of Serve Scaled Images has been fully resolved.


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