Nagging Problems after Changing from Blogger to WordPress

Recently I have migrated from Blogger to self-hosted WordPress. After Changing from Blogger to WordPress, ostensibly, I faced certain issues. Therefore, through this blog, I would like to share my experience so that my fellow bloggers and new entrants are aware of those issues and thus benefited from it.

There is absolutely no doubt that Blogger platform has its own Pros and Cons. But so does the WordPress too. My decision to move from Blogger to WordPress, after working with Blogger for a year or so, is not based upon some technological or service deficiency issues. In my opinion, Blogger is Better but the WordPress is Best. At least this is how, I would like to summarize the whole event after finding the taste of self-hosted WordPress. This article is dedicated to point out those nagging problems, which arise after Changing from Blogger to WordPress.


Moving from Blogger to WordPress is in itself a quite complex task, more so if you are undertaking a multi-site migration. Nevertheless if you have successfully migrated, still there remains few problems which you are likely to face after Changing from Blogger to self-hosted  WordPress. Here in the following paras, I am going to deliberate upon those problems.

(i) Pages not migrated:

If you mistakenly think that after migration, every thing will be moved, then you are at wrong perception. In fact, your pages are not migrated. So you have to recreate them by copy paste methods in WordPress.

[su_box title=”Tips for Migration”]Copy the HTML code from your individual blogger pages and recreate in WordPress by pasting it.[/su_box]

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(ii) Featured Image Issues:

Featured Image is one of the most important provision of the WordPress which is widely used for different functions. In blogger there are no featured image concept. As per the convenience and programming, the first image of the blogger post is suppose to be saved additionally as featured image in WordPress upon migration. Unfortunately this does not happen for all the posts. Most of the post in WordPress might show your featured image as blank. I tried several php codes and the plugins, but none worked for me. May be you might have a better luck.

[su_box title=”Tips for Migration”]Manually insert Feature Images into each blank post by editing the post.[/su_box]

(iii) Unfinished Image Gallery:

Your Image gallery in WordPress may not contain all the images of your post and at times you will face problems, if they are some how lossed.

[su_box title=”Tips for Migration”]You can use some Importer plugins to import these images into the Image gallery. Import External Images plugin  does a nice job to import your all images. Don’t worry if the plugin shows that it has been not upgraded over 2 years.[/su_box]

(iv) Problems of RSS Feeds:

There may be discrepancies or non-functioning issues for your old RSS feeds from blogger to WordPress. You can use plugins like ‘Redirection’ to resolve the issues.

(v) Post Formatting Issues:

Post format is likely to be disturbed and you may be required to reorder and re-fix the entire post contents, so that they suit to new blogging platform. There are ostensibly no plugins available to reformat the whole things automatically. You have to try manual methods.

All the Best.

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